Start your way to a more improved lifestyle with LifePro

What It's Made Out Of

LifePro  uses nature as a guide to success with that being said we use recycled materials for the pendants to reduce pollution. It's not only safe for the environment, but as well as for our customers too.

Our Goal

Our goal is to figure out how to benefit mental and physical health and improve your quality of life. We aim our company to improve your lifestyle by adding a little extra exercise and small dieting suggestions to fit into your daily routine.

What LifePro Tracks

Path/Route (everyday routine to improve exercise)

Stress (suggestions on being more relaxed)

Heart rate

Emergency alert

Sleep analysis

Screen time on phone

Hours/minutes per day/ healthy amount

In addition LifePro is waterproof so you can swim with it on

How It Works

The pendant works by having a data analysis trial for one week. It tracks your movements, diet and at the end of the week, the app creates suggestions based off of the information provided. The suggestions will not only benefit you, but will also motivate you everyday to have a better lifestyle. We work around your schedule to ensure that exercise does not get in the way of your daily tasks. The pendent syncs to your phone on an app where the suggestions are shown. You can input different information such as: eating habits, sleeping arrangements and different levels of workout intensity to better improve your physical health. This product is there for anyone and everyone who's willing to build and gain a positive message of self care.